Wormed is a Technical Death Metal band from Spain formed in 1998. They are signed to Willowtip Records and have released two full length albums to this day. Exodromos, the album depicted in this post, is the latest one released in March 2013. Wormed are an outstanding Death Metal band by not following the given visual, textual, musical and conceptual rules and mechanics. They don’t use the common gore aesthetics but rather tell stories of science fiction, quantum physics and space exploration. Mainly responsible for this refreshingly new angle on Death Metal is Wormed’s lead singer Phlegeton. Their music fits perfectly by being highly technical and advanced using dissonant dynamic riffing.

Exodromos is – conceptually – a prequel of Planisphaerium, their first full length album released in 2003. The story tells about futuristic science concepts and chaotic visions of the last human left in cosmos, Krighsu. These are particularly in relation to the awakening of the “Chrym” once the last humans of the year 8K, called the Terrax, disappeared, and the known universe was absorbed by a quantum wormhole in an inverted multi-vectorial reionization. Krighsu, will travel through xenoverses to find a new world with the human seed. The paradox: Krighsu is not the habitual human you all know (source). This synopsis easily reads like some of my favorite books like the culture series by Iain M. Banks or the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons.

Wormed uses abstract and almost hypnotic visuals, again, created by their lead singer Phlegeton. He also created logos and artworks for bands such as Impure or Human Mincer and brands like Corpsehustler skateboards (love that logo) but I personally like his work for Wormed the most – perhaps because it’s so different from the usual gory stuff.

The Exodromos artwork is highly symmetrical and feels almost like the result of an artificial intelligence interpreting the concept and story behind the record. It’s a combination of space elements, a basic orthogonal grid, geometrical forms, fragmented text parts and 3-dimensional elements that look like glitches. Everything is arranged in a very harmonic way originating from the centre of the layout – organized chaos in space.

Being the creative head behind Wormed’s overall concept, art, logo, lyrics and partly the music I think it’s fair enough to silently ask if Phlegeton is human at all – hoping that he will not destroy our planet by sucking it into a parallel universe in which the only music available is Alanis Morissette’s Isn’t it ironic.

Wormed Exodromos