Borknagar is a progressive Black Metal band from Bergen, Norway, and was founded in 1995. The band combines elements of Black, Pagan and Folk Metal to a quite unique sound. The current line-up includes some Metal veterans with Øystein G. Brun (Cronian, ex-Molested), Vintersorg (Vintersorg, Fission), Lars A. Nedland (Solefald, ex-Carpathian Forest), Jens F. Ryland (ICS Vortex) and ICS Vortex (ex-Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus, ICS Vortex). In addition the drums and percussions on Urd were performed by David Kinkade (Soulfly, ex-Malevolent Creation). To this day they have released nine studio albums (and one best of release) with Urd being the latest one – released in 2012.

The cover artwork for Urd was done by Marcelo Vasco, who’s also responsible for some of the art of SoulflyBelphegorEinherjer and Keep of Kalessin. Borknagar’s Øystein G. Brun about Vasco’s artwork: “The cover and design for Urd is spot on when it comes to portraying the very core of the band. This time around we wanted an earthly expression through our cover and general design to support and empower the main themes on the album. You can almost smell and feel the texture of the old Norse wooden carvings — still there is a sophisticated and eclectic approach to the expression that entwines perfectly into the music. Marcelo Vasco enhanced our ideas into brilliance, he painted the face of the beast that is about to be unleashed …”

Also worth mentioning is Borknagar’s nice symmetrical logo. The logo itself represents the musical direction of the band. It incorporates Black Metal elements but is less raw and brutal than the usual Black Metal logo design. Instead it integrates graphical and ornamental design elements just like their sound combines Pagan, Folk and Black Metal.

Borknagar Urd