Trap Them is a Grind-/Hardcore band from Louisville & Seattle, USA. The band was formed in 2001 and released 5 EPs & splits and 4 studio albums to this day. Their latest album Blissfucker came out on June 10, 2014 via Prosthetic Records. Trap Them is well known for their combination of Hardcore influences like Black Flag and Tragedy with the Death Metal sound of Dismember or Entombed.

Trap Them - Blissfucker

The album was recorded with Kurt Ballou (Converge) and mastered by Jack Control. Or as Trap Them vocalist Ryan McKenney stated: “It sounds like a new Trap Them record, which, to clarify, means that it is produced by Kurt Ballou and it is heavy and loud and bitter. Some songs are fast, some songs aren’t, but all the songs are awesome and we wouldn’t change one thing.”

The_Joker_-_New_52Contrary to previous Trap Them releases the cover artwork doesn’t show the signature illustration style of The Black Ink Warlock, a.k.a. Justin Bartlett, a.k.a Vbergkvlt who’s also worked for such bands as Wolves Like Us, Kvelertak, Lord Mantis or The Secret. Instead Blissfucker shows a distorted photography of a human head in a plastic bag that’s forced to smile by hands in rubber gloves. That way it reminds of Batman’s The Joker. Or in other words “Why so serious, Blissfucker?”