Art Nouveau is a common artistic concept in Metal imagery. With its natural elements, it fits perfectly to bands – especially Skandinavian – from genres like Death, Black, Pagan or Viking Metal, who put the abrasiveness and loneliness of the surrounding nature in the centre of their lyrics, music and overall concepts.

But Metal wouldn’t be Metal, if it wasn’t underground. In this case not only metaphorically but literally. Over the ground we’ve got the beautiful part of Art Nouveau: floral and sometimes romantic elements representing life and love. Under the ground, in the dark soil, we’ve got the roots. Also natural and aesthetic, but growing downwards and in the dark.

Below we can see two amazing examples of root-inspired Black Metal logos, both drawn by Christophe Szpajdel (who else). The bands are Grim and Defiler. The Defiler logo even seems to end up in a bole above the type. All the roots are centered towards this point, elegantly integrating the letters of the band’s name (while loosing the legibility, admittedly). The Grim logo is way better readable and seems to be a little more horrific with added drips. Both logos are pure Black Metal logo gold, but I like the grim one a tad more.

Rooty Logos