The Beauty of Symmetry in Metal Imagery

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Dead In The Symmetric Dirt

11th of June, 2012

Dead in the Dirt is a Grindcore band from Georgia, USA. The artwork depicted above is part of the band’s absolutely amazing 2011 release Fear. The artwork was done by Bo Orr who’s also responsible for bass and vocals in the band. The black and white cover shows a crown of thorns surrounding two mirrored crow’s

Napalm Death - Scum - Feature

Napalm Death – You Suffer (from Symmetry)

29th of November, 2011

Napalm Death from Birmingham, England, are the pioneers of Grindcore, by combining Death Metal and Hardcore Punk elements from 1981 on. While the line-up for most of Napalm’s career was vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway, bassist Shane Embury, guitarist Mitch Harris and drummer Danny Herrera, no one of them played on the recordings of Scum.

Scum was Napalm Death’s debut album, released on Earache Records in 1987 and is a milestone of the genre. While the A side of the record was recorded in August 1986, the B side was recorded in May 1987 in a changed line-up. Only drummer Mick Harris played on both sides of the album.

The Rotted - Feature

Ad Symmetria

3rd of November, 2011

The Rotted’s brand new album “Ad Nauseam” features a nice symmetric illustration on the cover. It was done by the band’s bass player The Reverend M. Trudgill and is inspired by the lyrics with each part representing a different song. The Rotted on MySpace with brand new songs.