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Defeatist – Tyranny of Symmetry

7th of August, 2012

Defeatist is a Grindcore band from New York City, USA, formed in 2005. The band has released two EPs (Thanatonic State and In Praise of False Hope both in 2009), two splits with Kursk and Triac/ASRA, one compilation (including all EP and split songs) and two full length albums. The latest one is Tyranny of Decay released in 2011 via Nerve Altar.

ten minutes late to grindcore show

The Sadness

30th of June, 2012

Off-topic, but who cares … (via quickmeme)

Fuck The Facts - Feature

Fuck The Facts – Symmetry High-Five

15th of June, 2012

Fuck the Facts is a Canadian Grindcore band from Ottawa, Ontario, formed in 1998. The band has released nine full length albums with 2011’s Die Miserable (released through Relapse Records) being the latest one. The cover artwork featured in this article is part of 2006’s Stigmata High-Five – the band’s debut on Relapse Records. The symmetry in this artwork is based on an orthogonal grid. 16 grungy square paper pieces arranged in a big square giving us a perfect x- and y-axis for the symmetry. The artwork was created by Melanie Mongeon, who’s also responsible for  the band’s lead vocals since 2002.