The Beauty of Symmetry in Metal Imagery

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Corpsepaint - Multipic

Dress up for Darkness – Black Metal Style

20th of November, 2011

Today is head-day on We just talked about the Metal head and hairstyle, now we are talking about the Black Metal face uniform: the corpse paint.

Corpse paint is a black-and-white make-up that’s most of the time strictly symmetric. Nowadays mainly used by Black Metal bands around the world  to intensify the bands’ imagery of evil, inhumanity, and corpse-like decay. It is most commonly used just on the face, but also on arms and torso. Because im might look rather non-evil, if your face is a corpse and your arms are well tanned like a beach bodybuilder in a neon thong. Sometimes it involves other colors than black and white. But even then corpse paints aren’t really colorful or life-affirming, because the only added color is red – more blood for the corpse.

Necrolord Of Symmetry

6th of November, 2011

If you take a close look at the work of Kristian – Necrolord – Wahlin you might discover two things.

First: You’ve got quite tired of this type of album art. It was funny for a while, but now, about 10.000 Wahlin artworks later, it feels rather conventional and too much of the same. A second thing you’ll probably (and hopefully) notice: Woohooo, there’s fucking loads of symmetry to be found here! Just take a glimpse at this small selection. No matter whether the artwork displays a scenery or a creature – it’s all based on symmetry.

Of course, Wahlin didn’t come up with uniform compositions exclusively (just remember classics like EMPEROR’s „In The Nightside Eclipse“ or AT THE GATES’ „Slaugther Of The Soul“), but there’s by far enough symmertry to be found in his work to justify this feature here.

Anyway… symmetric or not – Wahlin, who also delivered some excellent music with bands like GROTESQUE, LIERS IN WAIT, DIABOLIQUE or THE GREAT DECEIVER (where he joined forces again with another Grotesque member: Tompa Lindberg), bestowed the Metal scene with some really amazing album designs. One of the greatest: DISSECTION’s „The Somberlain“ – a symmetric cover-coverversion of KING DIAMOND’s „Abigail“ artwork.