Metastazis is a design studio from Paris, France, founded by Valnoir.  Even if you haven’t heard of the studio’s name you’ve definitely seen his work. Metastazis has created various artworks for a who’s who of Metal and beyond – among them are Alcest, Morbid Angel, Anathema, As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder, Black Anvil (as seen previously on Symmetal), Glorior Belli, Immolation, Paradise Lost, Nachtmystium and a lot more.

Watain - Blood Print 1      Watain - Blood Print 2      Valnoir - Patches sewed to back      Valnoir - stitching patches to back

Metastazis is also known for unconventional projects like the Watain poster printed with blood or – for the cover artwork of his own band Glaciation – Metal patches sewed to his guitarist’s back: “It’s a nostalgic project about my teenage-hood, when I had an iron faith into black-metal and I was showing it on my metalhead patched jacket. I had that in my flesh. So I wanted to pay a tribute to this age.” (source).

I had the chance to ask Valnoir a few questions about his work. Here’s the interview: