Circle of Dead Children is a Death/Grind band from Pennsylvania, USA, formed in 1998. Vocalist Joe Horvath has stated that the band name was inspired by a vision of his, where a circle of flags from every country in the world lay on the floor, each bearing a mutilated child from its respective nation (source).

The CODC logo plays in the Champions League of illegibility. While not being strictly symmetric in detail, the logo’s outer regions still convey the image of a symmetric piece of art. Yes, a piece of art, I love this logo. It looks like the desperate scratches of an imprisoned person on the wooden door standing between him and his freedom. Somehow randomly set strokes forming a very brutal looking logo typeface.

Also, one thing I love about illegible logos is the room for interpretation and fun. First of all it’s pure fun to find the right words in the lines. But after that, try finding other words. See my suggestion below: Cate is deep in love.

Circle Of Dead Children - Interpretation