Senior citizens among our readers may remember the 2nd half of the 80ies as a time when the common make up in Metal wasn’t corpse paint but RATTish lipstick and mascara. Nevertheless, there were still some nice, goat worshipping Black and Death Metal bands lurking in the worldwide underground, following the paths of CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, POSSESSED or VENOM.

And some of our readers may also remeber how striking it was, to see the logo of bands like MESSIAH or SARCOFAGO for the first time. Or later the ones of MAYHEM, PENTAGRAM, ROOT, MASTER’S HAMMER (check out their site with all their demos!), GROTESQUE or TREBLINKA. Satanic imagery in its most symmetric and therefore most efficient form. Sometimes raw and primitive, but always balanced, iconic and – back then –  a tiny little bit dangerous.