The Metal scene is like a family. In contrast to most other music scenes, the Metal scene is more than just a random group of people liking the same kind of music. It is living the same lifestyle, humor and music.

This familial aspect of Metal can be seen in local Metal branches around the world. The Death Metal scene for instance has a nice way to show this local togetherness: the local Death Metal signs.

Pictured above, we can see New York Death Metal, Northrhine Westphalia Death Metal (a state in Germany), Texas Death Metal and Brazilian Death Metal. The list of similar signs is neverending. You can find signs from Europe, Asia and America standing for whole countries, states, regions or even cities. What they all have in common is their meaning and the cross with 4 letters (sometimes 5, like in the NRWDM one above). There are gory ones, graphic ones or ones with figurative elements, like NYDM.

The Death Metal scene adapted this execution from the Hardcore scene, especially New York Hardcore. The NYHC sign was the first of its kind.

I have to say that these local signs stand for something I really like about Metal: Metal is so much more than just music.