Squash Bowels is a Goregrind band from Białystok, Poland, formed in 1994. They’ve released 14 splits, 5 demos, 2 EPs and 5 full length albums with Grind Virus (pictured above) from 2009 being the latest one.

Grind Virus’ cover artwork was done by Łukasz Jaszak from Lublin, Poland, who also worked for bands like DecapitatedCradle of FilthVader or Negura Bunget.

Squash Bowels - Grind Virus

Disfear - Live The StormThe cover artwork is a modern take on classic gore artworks. It has all the usual components like bowels, saliva or the severed head but doesn’t show them in the traditional way. All elements are symetrically arranged with added Art Nouveau-ish floral elements as contrast. Its general art direction reminds me of Disfear’s Fear the Storm (previously on Symmetal).

Lukasz knows how to design a modern Metal artwork, but what I like most is  the tension between the components and art concept. He created something beautiful out of something disgusting.