Dimmu Borgir is a symphonic Black Metal band from Oslo, Norway, and was founded in 1993. The name Dimmu Borgir is Old Norse (an old language spoken in Skandinavia during the viking age) and can be translated as “Dark Castle”. Also Dimmuborgir is a volcanic formation in Iceland. Dimmu Borgir has released nine albums to this day, five of them pictured in this post due to their love of symmetry.

The first one depicted above is 1997’s Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, Dimmu Borgir’s debut on Nuclear Blast. The cover art was done by P. Grøn. The obviously mirrored background is centered around some kind of a black magician waiting to be hugged (I guess). Also Enthrone Darkness Triumphant was the first album featuring Dimmu’s new Logo (although the old Black Metal-ish logo is featured on the disc). The next one is Spiritual Black Dimensions from 1999. A burning, blindfolded angel, chained to a cross in the dark. I think we can all agree: that’s quite Black Metal.

Anyway, it was followed by Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia in 2001. This time made by Alf Børjesson, the cover seems to be the sequel to Spiritual Black Dimensions’ burning angel. Well, a part of it. Next in the row is In Sorte Diaboli (2007) with a nice illustrated cover. This album is Dimmu’s first concept album, with a story located in medieval europe. It is about a priest who begins to doubt his faith, and then ends up taking the place of the Antichrist. Last but not least  Abrahadabra from 2010. The album’s cover artwork was designed by Joachim Luetke, who described the artwork’s setting as “icy, bleak, wintery, and post-industrial” (source). Luetke is also responsible for cover artworks for bands like Kreator or Arch Enemy.

Dimmu Borgir old Logo

But enough of the fancy colored stuff. Let’s do it old school with Dimmu’s old logo they’ve abandonded with Enthrone Darkness Triumphant in 1997. The old logo has some imperfections. For example the letters “o”, “r”, “g” and “i” of the word “Borgir” are quite unbalanced and won’t fit to the rest of the logo. It has a nice Art Nouveau style with its natural and almost floral swirls and twirls. The “D” and “U” of the word “Dimmu” even seem to be distorted like two thick liquids mixed with the finger. All in all, I like this old logo with its imperfections and organic look and feel, like it once grew out of an evil Norwegian Black Metal plant.