Napalm Death (no introduction needed) just released a new video for The Wolf I Feed taken from their latest effort Utilitarian – released in 2012 via Century Media. The clip was directed by Tim Fox.

Commented Napalm Death singer Mark “Barney” Greenway: “This is one of Mitch’s lyrics. It is about Armageddon ideology and the way this is used to drive populations sensitive towards religious dogma. When they can fear ‘The Great Satan’, that is, of course, a very powerful tool. It can be used to propagate everything from racial suspicion and superiority, to wars based around the dogmatic quest for moral purification.” (source)

Stylistically Fox and the band use lots of metaphoric images like bug-headed corporates or priests and industrial landscapes. There are basically three kinds of footage: the band performing in a studio, archive footage (e.g. from the third reich) and the metaphorical performances. They are glued together by using a mirrored and kaleidoscopic effect. All in all Napalm Death don’t reinvent the wheel of Metal music video but the video fits perfectly to the band and their lyrical statements.