Intronaut is a progressive Post-Metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA, formed in 2004. The band features former members of Anubis Rising, Exhumed, Uphill Battle, and Impaled and has released four albums to this day. Habitual Levitations is their latest release with Milk Leg being its single. Milk Leg’s cover artwork was done by Randy Ortiz, a self-taught artist, illustrator and designer from Winnipeg, Canada.

Intronaut - Milk Leg

Intronaut - Habitual Levitations

I personally prefer this artwork to the one of the full length album, it immediately fascinated me due to its amazing execution and idea. It has a more modern look and feel and is highly intriguing locking eyes with the viewer (Why are you looking at me, Metal Cover?). I also like the very artistic approach Randy chose to use for Intronaut’s typography. The band’s name becomes a natural part of the illustration (while admittedly saying “Fuck you, Legibility!”) and makes it quite interesting for people not knowing the band to find out what this record is about.

The biggest difference between the Milk Leg and the Habitual Levitations artworks is that one is active and the other one is passive. Milk leg starts a conversation with the viewer by establishing eye contact and providing a very open and viewer-facing composition. The Habitual Levitations artwork tells a story in itself. The viewer doesn’t matter for the story to be told, he’s not a part of the composition. For Habitual Levitations the viewer takes the role of an observer while he’s an invitee for Milk Leg.

Last but no least here are a few work in progress images that nicely visualize the strictly symmetric and geometric composition the artwork is based on (source). Also it’s quite interesting to see the different stages of development.

Intronaut - Step 1

Intronaut - Step 2

Intronaut - Step 3Intronaut - Step 4Intronaut - Step 5Intronaut - Step 6