Phobia is a Grindcore band from California, USA, formed in 1990. Their discography includes 21 releases – several splits with bands like Gadget, Abaddon Incarnate or Extinction of Mankind, full length albums and EPs. The latest release is 2012’s Remnants of Filth, released through Willowtip Records. What connects most of them is the hand drawn character of the illustrations and the socio-political themes.

The illustrations usually are fully packed with various symbols and elements representing different social and/or political statements like corruption, war, death, greed, globalization and religion. Murdered nuns and zombie priests, in biological warfare melting skulls, cartridge belts, oil barrels, flags and trenches. Here Phobia brings the legendary artworks of genre kings Napalm Death to mind. Another stylistic leitmotif of the cover artworks is a key visual – usually in the centre of the artwork – surrounded by smaller, symmetrically arranged symbols. For Remnants of Filth it’s the melting skull, for Relentless it’s the skull on the cross and for 22 Acts of Random Violence it’s the person in agony in the foreground. That way the cover artworks of Phobia have a high recognition value in combination with the dominant color coding of a mostly black and white illustration and a bold, red typography.

Phobia Remnants of Filth Cover