Well, at least that’s where he started in 1991. Today Mark Riddick is an award-winning illustrator defining the visual style of Death Metal mainstream and underground for decades.


Mark Riddick was born in Louisiana in 1976  and holds a BA degree in Studio Art from Greensboro College, North Carolina. He started his career with illustrating demo cassettes, cut and paste fanzines, flyers and 7″ EP covers. Alongside of working for a who is who of the Metal scene like Abigail Williams, Arsis, Autopsy, Beneath the Massacre, Deceased, Dying Fetus, Exodus, Grave, Hypocrisy, Kataklysm, Massacre, Psycroptic, Suffocation, Suicide Silence, The Faceless, The Black Dahlia Murder or Trivium, he also worked on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s TV series, Metalocalypse, the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures series, and NBC’s Law & Order series (source).

His raw black and white pencil artworks impress with their strong pencil strokes and well-arranged sujets. This is basically the style every metalhead dreams to create while drawing on scratchpads during class or work.

Marc Riddick 1