Hatebreed is an American Metalcore band from Connecticut, formed in 1994. They have released 7 studio albums to date, most recently The Concrete Confessional on May 13, 2016.

The artwork for The Concrete Confessional was created by Marcelo Vasco whose artworks have been prettifying albums of bands such as Slayer, Machine Head, Soulfly, Borknagar, Dark Funeral and many more.

Vasco is a Brazilian cover artist specializing in Metal art since the mid-90’s. From 2007 to 2015 Marcelo Vasco was the head of the art department for the Norwegian label Indie Recordings. He recently exhibited his work on the Tattoo Week Rio 2016 as part of a collective Metal Art Exhibition called Arte nas Sombras. Here are some of his unique art pieces.

Borknagar Winter Thrice Machine Head Bloodstone & Diamonds Ragnarok Psychopathology Rebaelliun The Hell's Decress

Vasco isn’t just a brilliant artist, he’s also a perfectionist. Upon closer examination one can see that he even painted the band’s logos as part of his artworks. A thing that often bothers me with Metal artworks is that beautifully crafted art pieces are ruined by clumsily placed logos or typography. Vasco often goes the extra mile by painting the logos to ensure a consistent design. Here you can see details of how he treated the logos of Hatebreed’s and Ragnarok’s latest releases.


The Concrete Confessional’s artwork isn’t surprising for a Hatebreed release. In fact you can find several elements Hatebreed has been using since their first releases – for example the crossed morning stars that were prominently integrated on Perserverance (2002), subtly integrated on 2009’s self titled album or almost as part of the logo in this year’s The Concrete Confessional.

hatebreed perserverance cover hatebreed supremacy cover hatebreed cover

The central element of the artwork is a confessional box holding an anonymous man or woman captive – the hands on the confessional’s bars are a typical symbol for imprisonment. On the left and right hand side several chains are attached to the confessional, supposedly symbolizing the effort to break the confessional open.

Regarding the The Concrete Confessional artwork, Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta said: “I think da Vinci said it best when he said painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen. Marcelo was able to capture a feeling that will accompany our musical and lyrical vision and he put together a striking piece that speaks volumes.” (source)

Hatebreed The Concrete Confessional