This guitar shape is one of the most iconic and classic one among Rock and Metal guitar players: The flying V. Originally invented and built by Gibson in 1958 it got its name obviously by the V-shaped body. In its purest and original form the guitar is symmetric, although today there are several variations from different manufacturers who change and vary the form – and sometimes towards asymmetric shapes.

As this guitar shape became more and more popular – as mentioned above – other manufacturers made their own versions. Oftentimes connected to famous and influential guitar players as signature series. Pictured above are an original Gibson Flying V, a Kerry King signature V by BC Rich, a Dimebag signature V by Dean (RIP Dimebag), a Rob Flynn signature V by Epiphone and another Gibson Flying V as Zakk Wylde signature model. They all have the same basic structure but add different details in form and matching prints to each signature guitar players. There are of course countless other examples out there, this is just for a quick overview. To be honest, I like plain unicolored guitars the most. I don’t actually need a print on my guitar, the form tells enough. But that’s just for me.

Another nice variation of the original Flying V comes (again) from Gibson: the Reverse Flying V. It actually looks kinda unnatural and funny. But I like the attitude of Gibson to release such a model – altough it was just a limited edition with 1300 guitars in two limited series.