Flayed Disciple - Steve

Flayed Disciple is a Death Thrash Metal band from Taunton, UK. They’ve released two demos, Drawn Viscera in 2008 and a self titled one in 2010. Their debut album Death Hammer was released through Grindscene Records in 2012. Inspired by Iron Maiden’s Eddie the band has established a mascot called Steve (a zombie character) appearing on all of their artworks – shirts, album covers, posters and so on.

Their logo design (as well as Steve) was created by Phil Tolfree (ex-drummer of Deathcorers Burning Skies). What’s striking about Flayed Disciple’s logo design is the use of perspective. The point of view is very low on the vertical axis – a classic worm’s eye view. Low-angle shots are common stylistic devices to create the feeling of looking at something superior, big, menacing or majestic. The viewer automatically feels smaller. A good example from feature films would be Star Wars’ Darth Vader. He’s often filmed in low-angle shots to make him even more evil and threatening. So in a way Darth Vader isn’t only Luke’s but also Flayed Disciple’s logo’s father.