Drautran is a Black-/Pagan-Metal band from Kiel in Germany and was formed in 1996. They have released one demo (Unter dem Banner der Nordwinde) in 2000 and a debut album called Throne of the Depths in 2007. Their interesting logo design was created by Blotan, a “writer, musician and maverick, commuting between Germany and Norway.” (source).

What’s interesting about this logo design is the combination of the floral type with figurative elements – two daggers and a … (I’m actually not sure what the circle is. My first guess was obviously a sun, but perhaps it’s the moon or a spyhole through which we can see the ocean’s surface and the sun’s light reflecting on it). Anyway, the logo perfectly reflects the musical and lyrical concept of the band: partially influenced by traditional Norwegian folklore, with elements of Viking and Pagan Metal and lyrics about Norse mythology. They even incorporate nature sounds in some of their songs (e.g. in Gen Niflheim… taken from Throne of the Depths, where we can hear a ripply brook).