I just stumbled upon Krakow on Blabbermouth – and to be honest I’m quite blown away. The four-piece comes from Bergen, Norway, plays Post-Metal (is Metal dead now?) and  was founded in 2005. Within a couple of months they had already recorded their first three-track demo. Inspired by bands like Mastodon, Iron Maiden, Queens of the Stone Age or High on Fire. The cover artwork depicted above is from their upcoming full length release Diin – coming in September 2012 through Dark Essence Records.

Krakow Diin Cover

The artwork was created by American tattoo artist Thomas Hooper and shows a symmetric grungy ink blot – also know from Rorschach tests. Rorschach tests are psychological tests where the subject’s interpretation of the ink blots might identify its character or emotional functioning. So what do you see in this amazing cover artwork? I for instance see my future purchase of Diin in this September.