This logo design is so great I can hardly breathe (well, it might also be the sticky weather). If you would search for a Black Metal logo that combines traditional Black Metal logo elements with modern graphic design trends you will find Der Weg einer Freiheit’s logo design.

Der Weg einer Freiheit BandDer Weg einer Freiheit is a Black Metal band from Würzburg, Germany, and was formed in 2009. They’ve released their self-produced and self-titled debut in 2009, the EP Agony in 2011 and the latest full length album Unstille in 2012 – both via Viva Hate Records. Their logo was created by Unas, a friend of the band who’s also from Würzburg.

The traditional elements of the logo are the difficult (but managable) readability, the thorn ornaments, the black letter-esque type and the symmetry. The modern elements are the bold outline and the arrangement of the text. If you look closely you’ll notice that the upper line (“Der Weg einer”) is written in a mild zig-zag-pattern while the bottom line (“Freiheit”) follows the upper line’s direction. That way the text gives the whole logo its remarkable outer shape and feels quite dynamic. Unas even integrated Metal Descenders (another traditional element) in his design. I’m really impressed.