Defeatist is a Grindcore band from New York City, USA, formed in 2005. The band has released two EPs (Thanatonic State and In Praise of False Hope both in 2009), two splits with Kursk and Triac/ASRA, one compilation (including all EP and split songs) and two full length albums. The latest one is Tyranny of Decay released in 2011 via Nerve Altar.

Defeatist - Tyranny Of Decay

Napalm Death - Utilitarian cover artworkTyranny of Decay’s cover artwork is a really nice take on grungy graffiti collage styled illustrations that are quite usual in Grindcore and Metal. The artwork feels like a hybrid of the work of Jacob Bannon and Napalm Death’s Utilitarian artwork created by the Danish artist Frode Sylthe. Apart from the usual motifs like skulls, barbed wire (interestingly used as halos), nooses, horns, nails and horror Defeatist integrates a pattern made out of four  identical icons in the centre of the artwork: a “D” with an additional horizontal line. I honestly don’t know this sign but assume Defeatist developed it as an icon for the band (perhaps the “D” and “F” combined).