Coffinworm is a Black-, Sludge-, Doom-Metal band from Indianapolis, USA, formed in 2007. They have released two full length albums to this day – When All Became None in 2010 and Great Bringer Of Night in 2012.

Great Bringer of Night’s album cover – created by Bryan Proteau – is a classic hand drawn illustration with genre-typical elements: skulls, gravestones, snakes and a cross. What makes the artwork stand out is its iconography due to the minimalistic sujet. The cross obviously is the dominant part of the illustration surrounded by lots of black space and being unseen in its construction.

coffinworm - logo

Coffinworm’s logo is a symmetric masterpiece. I love how well thought-out it is. The letters’ shapes are given by the space the surrounding letters leave them. The typography is based upon old black letters that have been altered to fit the symmetry and the Metal Descenders. The combination of thorns and spear-like forms give the outer shape its Black Metal finishing.

Coffinworm - Great Bringer Of Light