john-baizleyNow to a Jack of all trades: John Baizley. He is a painter and musician based in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

He is notable for his album cover art and t-shirts for artists including KylesaPig DestroyerDarkest HourDaughtersSkeletonwitchTorcheCursedBlack TuskKvelertakVitamin XFlight of the ConchordsThe Red ChordGillian Welch and his own band, Baroness, for which he is the singer and rhythm guitarist.

So let’s sum up: He creates the visual worlds of some of today’s most successful Metal acts, as well as playing in one of them (being lead guitarist and vocalist). Okay.

But let’s talk about his art: His work isn’t necessarily influenced by Art Deco, as he stated out.
“If anything it is more the result of an unhealthy obsession with X-Men comics!”. Okay.

There’s a great interview with John at The Quietus, where he talks about symbology, Art Deco, Comics, how to start and his influences. A must-read.

See more of John Baizley’s work here or here.

Cicada - Baizley

Baizley - Art
Baizley - Art 2
Baizley - Art 3
Baizley - Art 4