The Beauty of Symmetry in Metal Imagery

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Daath - Feature

Daath – Sharpen the Symmetry

17th of March, 2012

Daath (or Dååth) is a progressive Death Metal band from Atlanta, USA. The Concealers – whose cover is depicted above – is their third full length album with a self-titled release being the latest one. This cover artwork was created by Jordan Haley.

The interesting thing about this cover is the (in Metal standards) unusual way of showing cliche elements. If you would close your eyes and I would list you the elements shown in this cover you would definitely have something different in mind. We’ve got blades, coffins, blood, axes, knifes, chains, bones, spikes, horns and batwings. And not in the usual gory but in a rather graphic and reduced way. With a strict color coding of black, white and red.

Hypocrisy Band

Bang your symmetric Head

20th of November, 2011

Talking about Metal imagery demands also some talking about the image of the Metalhead itself. And by „head“, we mean the „head“. Because ever since BLACK SABBATH the most common hairstyle in Metal is a symmetric one – the centre parting.

As almost everything in Metal goes back to the Birmingham foursome, we shouldn’t hesitate giving SABBATH the credit for the centre parting as well. Of course, this hair style has existed long before Metal, but it was them who brought it into the scene. For good!

kreator - discography

It’s time to raise the flag of symmetry … again

1st of November, 2011

German Thrash Metal band Kreator obviously loves symmetry … and faces (surprisingly known for their symmetry). From their early days in 1982 on they stuck to the theme of symmetry mostly conveyed through grotesque faces. One could say that Kreator managed to create a  highly recognizable visual identity with the iconic tormented heads and the always same positioned, blood-red logo. With cultivating this for almost 30 years, Kreator uses its visual brand identity in a better way than some of the biggest economic brands in the world.