The Beauty of Symmetry in Metal Imagery

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Godmachine Feature

Godmachine – Comics, Cats and Skateboards

24th of July, 2012

Godmachine – born in Cardiff, South Wales – is one of the most impressive rising artists in Metal illustration – yet unbelievably underrated. His artistic style is clearly inspired by comic illustrations (as he states on his website he “grew up with a steady diet of … 2000AD comics“) while adding a very morbid, dark atmosphere, grungly elements and an insane amount of details. Another source of inspiration is Jim Philips and Santa Cruz skateboards, famous for their shrill illustrations (like the iconic screaming hand). There are various books available covering Jim Philips’ work, for example Surf, Skate & Rock.

Trap Them Seizures In Barren Praise

Jacob Bannon – Musician, Artist, Entrepreneur, Icon

3rd of May, 2012

Jacob Bannon (portrait shot by Brook Pifer) is one of the most famous faces in the Hardcore scene. He is the vocalist and lyricist of Hardcore pioneers Converge, a famous graphic designer and artist and founder and CEO of the independent record label Deathwish Inc. He somehow can be compared to John Baizley of Baroness, who’s also a jack of all trades being a brilliant artist, musician and vocalist (I can’t wait for their new album being released on 17th July).

Bannon’s work is very bold and iconic. It uses very graphic stylistic elements combined with a grungy graffiti and silk screen technique. The artworks are mostly symbolic and very reduced, using only a minimum amount of colors.

Black Dahlia Murder - Typhon

My mum asked me to destroy you

5th of November, 2011

Black Dahlia Murder Typhon

This illustration for modern Death Metal band The Black Dahlia Murder depicts Typhon,  the most deadly monster of Greek mythology. He was known as the “Father of all Monsters”; his wife Echidna was likewise the “Mother of All Monsters.” Sounds like the perfect couple.

Typhon was described as one of the largest and most fearsome of all creatures (source). His human upper half reached as high as the stars. His hands reached east and west and, instead of a human head, he had a hundred dragon heads; some however depict him as having a human head and the dragon heads being attached to his hands instead of fingers. His bottom half was gigantic viper coils that could reach the top of his head when stretched out and made a hissing noise. His whole body was covered in wings, and fire flashed from his eyes.

Typhon attempts to destroy Zeus at the will of his mother Gaia, because Zeus had imprisoned the Titans. Typhon initially overcame Zeus in their first battle, and tore out Zeus’ sinews. However, Hermes recovered the sinews and restored them to Zeus. Typhon was finally defeated by Zeus, who trapped him underneath Mount Etna. (source: Wikipedia)

Baizley - Permafrost

Hello, I’m John. I can do everything.

3rd of November, 2011

Now to a Jack of all trades: John Baizley. He is a painter and musician based in Savannah, Georgia, USA. He is notable for his album cover art and t-shirts for artists including Kylesa, Pig Destroyer, Darkest Hour, Daughters, Skeletonwitch, Torche, Cursed, Black Tusk, Kvelertak, Vitamin X, Flight of the Conchords, The Red Chord, Gillian Welch and his own band, Baroness, for which he is the singer and rhythm guitarist. So let’s sum up:

High on Symmetry

3rd of November, 2011

High On Fire Poster This poster art for US Stoner Metal band High on Fire (supported by Priestess, Black Cobra and Bison BC) was done in 2010 by AngryBlue and entitled “Goatcvlt”.

The print ist approximately 12×24” and in three colors. You can actually buy one (a run of 140) at AngryBlue’s online shop.

If more gig posters would look like this, the world would be a better place.

Band Links: High on Fire, Priestess, Black Cobra, Bison BC