The Beauty of Symmetry in Metal Imagery

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Grave Digger Shampoo – Filling a Market Niche

12th of July, 2012

Finally! The stressed Metalhead hair is saved. Grave Digger, the German Heavy Metal band formed in 1980, will release a two in one shampoo and shower gel in cooperation with Rutano.

“Beside the universal usage, a major spot became the choice of the cooperation partner. Manufacturer Rutano works since their foundation only with non-animal-tested ingredients, moreover all products are completely vegan. Furthermore social commitment is a big part of the company basic principal.” (source)

ten minutes late to grindcore show

The Sadness

30th of June, 2012

Off-topic, but who cares … (via quickmeme)

Dimmu Borgir - Alive In Torment - Shaped

Shaped Symmetry

13th of May, 2012

Shaped CDs or LPs are an invention made for collectors and labels aswell. To generate more money from one single release of a band it’s common practice to release different editions. The regular release, a special digital release, country specific releases and special collector’s editions. They often have extra tracks, a booklet with way more pages, content and pictures and sometimes come as shaped CDs.

Depicted above is Dimmu Borgir’s Alive in Torment shaped CD. The other examples are Dismember’s Death Metal, Statovarius’ I Walk To My Own Song and Machetazo’s split with Marrow on silver vinyl with red splatter in a sawblade shape.

Trap Them Seizures In Barren Praise

Jacob Bannon – Musician, Artist, Entrepreneur, Icon

3rd of May, 2012

Jacob Bannon (portrait shot by Brook Pifer) is one of the most famous faces in the Hardcore scene. He is the vocalist and lyricist of Hardcore pioneers Converge, a famous graphic designer and artist and founder and CEO of the independent record label Deathwish Inc. He somehow can be compared to John Baizley of Baroness, who’s also a jack of all trades being a brilliant artist, musician and vocalist (I can’t wait for their new album being released on 17th July).

Bannon’s work is very bold and iconic. It uses very graphic stylistic elements combined with a grungy graffiti and silk screen technique. The artworks are mostly symbolic and very reduced, using only a minimum amount of colors.

3d printed odd guitars

3D printed Guitars

15th of March, 2012

These fine guitars are 3D printed by ODD, aka Olaf Diegel from Auckland, New Zealand. 3D printing is an absolutely fascinating technique that opens completely new and accessible ways for designers to create and produce amazing things. And only this way ODD was able to create this fragile and very detailled guitar designs.

flying v

Flying Symmetry

11th of March, 2012

This guitar shape is one of the most iconic and classic one among Rock and Metal guitar players: The flying V. Originally invented and built by Gibson in 1958 it got its name obviously by the V-shaped body. In its purest and original form the guitar is symmetric, although today there are several variations from different manufacturers who change and vary the form – and sometimes towards asymmetric shapes.