The Beauty of Symmetry in Metal Imagery

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BlackShore – 52 Meters Deep in Symmetry

23rd of June, 2014

BlackShore is a Black Metal band from Lübeck, Germany. The band was formed in 2007 by Hades and Blizzard and has released three albums (Railway to BlackShore, Legion and Terror) and two EPs. Terror – their latest album – was released in November 2013 via Black Skull Records. I briefly spoke to Hades about Terror’s cover artwork.

Gorguts - Colored Sands - Feature

Gorguts – Colored Sands. A sponge for Tibet.

13th of November, 2013

Gorguts is a Technical Death Metal band from Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. The band was formed in 1989 and was part of the first wave of Death Metal with its debut Considered Dead from 1991 (for which Chris Barnes – then Cannibal Corpse, now Six Feet Under – did a few backing vocals) and their 1998 Masterpiece Obscura. The’ve released 5 studio albums to date with Colored Sands being the latest – released this year via Season of Mist.


Orphaned Land – All is One. Metal without borders

22nd of July, 2013

Orphaned Land is a Progressive Metal band from Israel formed in 1991. They combine Progressive, Doom and Death Metal as well as Middle-Eastern folk music and Arabic traditions in a form of Oriental Metal. Their latest album All Is One, released in 2013, can best be described with one of their statements: “People should be judged by their hearts and inner sincerity, not their religious beliefs.” No wonder there even was an online petition in 2012 for them to be awarded with the Nobel Price for their commitment to bring people from different nations and religions together. In a Metal world where religion tends to be just an element for easy provocation and PR it’s important that bands like Orphaned Land exist. Their message is positive, rational and humanistic.