Caladan Brood is an Epic Black Metal band from Salt Lake City, UT, USA, formed in 2008. They are heavily influenced by bands such as Summoning (read about Summoning’s logo design on Symmetal), Moonsorrow, Graveland or Nazgûl.

Memories Of Ice CoverThe band name is taken from Canadian author Steven Erikson’s epic fantasy series Malazan Book of the Fallen. Caladan Brood is a warlord who was opposing the Malazan armies in the North Campaign. He was said to be human with Barghast blood – a non-human pastoral nomadic warrior society (source).

The logo design was created by Dan Capp, a designer and illustrator from England who has been working for bands such as Winterfylleth, Torchbearer or Astral Path. Caladan Brood’s logo cites the fantasy theme of Erikson’s series by integrating swords, arrows and battle axes as well as the banner creating a seamless transition to the band name.

Last but not least, my Black Metal legibility test result for Caladan Brood’s logo design: “as unreadable as Jaghut with closed eyes”. In other words: a perfect result for a Black Metal logo.

Caladan Brood