BlackShore is a Black Metal band from Lübeck, Germany. The band was formed in 2007 by Hades and Blizzard and has released three albums (Railway to BlackShore, Legion and Terror) and two EPs. Terror – their latest album – was released in November 2013 via Black Skull Records. I briefly spoke to Hades about Terror’s cover artwork.

The artwork was created by Cynthia Meier Dusol of Thorny Thoughts Artworks who has also worked for Secrets of the Moon or Urfaust. What catches the eye is the unusual maritime theme of the design.

blackshore bandHades said about the artwork: “On the one hand the maritime theme comes from our hometown (Lübeck is a Baltic coastal town – editor’s note). But the deep sea also is an allegory for a space in which no man can exist and that this planet doesn’t belong to us. Mankind never succeeded to make a stand against the sea. When push comes to shove mankind always gets the short end of the stick. That’s the atmosphere of this record.”

The most direct translation would be in Terror’s 6th song “52 Meter”, Hades continues. Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics:

Countless tales of agony and fear
Countless fates – countless deaths
Man and sea – an ugly pair
Ancient power and mankind’s endless urge to torture
Mother Baltica is calling and you have to obey
In the end they all have to sink into her
Gruesome womb
Untamable in her holy Terror
Your destiny – 52 meters deep

blackshore - terror