This cover artwork is just amazing. Black Anvil is a Black Metal band from New York, USA, formed in 2007. The band was started by members of legendary NYHC band Kill Your Idols. Triumvirate – the cover depicted above – is their second effort after their debut Time Insults The Mind. The illustration is inconceivably well-done with amazing details. The style is reminiscent of old copperplate engravings and is actually a collage of different historical and religions motifs. The artwork was created by Metastazis from Paris, France.

Trinity - JeronimoCosidaThe dominant element in the artwork are the skulls in the centre. If you look closely you’ll notice that there aren’t just two mirrored skulls but also a third one in the middle looking at us. This kind of visualization is a centuries-old representation of the Christian Trinity – Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. In the small picture to the left you can see an old example. This painting was created by Spanish artist Jerónimo Cosida around 1570. Here the three faced Jesus Christ also represents the Christian Trinity.  A common representation in Renaissance iconography (but disavowed by the Catholic church in recent centuries), accompanied by a Shield of the Trinity diagram. So Black Anvil’s skull trinity could be interpreted as: God is dead.

Black Anvil - Triumvirate Cover