Talking about Metal imagery demands also some talking about the image of the Metalhead itself. And by „head“, we mean the „head“. Because ever since BLACK SABBATH the most common hairstyle in Metal is a symmetric one – the centre parting.

As almost everything in Metal goes back to the Birmingham foursome, we shouldn’t hesitate giving SABBATH the credit for the centre parting as well. Of course, this hair style has existed long before Metal, but it was them who brought it into the scene. For good!

Just pick any Metal band with long haired members from any period and you’ll surely find the centre parting dude. MOTÖRHEAD, METALLICA, POSSESSED, SABBAT, DEATHDARKTHRONE… examples are countless. Decades of Metal have proved that centre parting isn’t just a trend or a temporary fancy hairdo. Centre parting is here to stay. In some cases even after the hair has gone.