Ok, time for the legends. Emperor, one of the most influential and well-known Black Metal acts to this day. Founded in Norway in 1991 by drummer Tomas „Samoth“ Thormodsæter Haugen, guitarist/vocalist Vegard „Ihsahn“ Sverre Tveitan und bassist Haavard „Mortiis“ Elefsen.

Emperor Swoosh

The logo was designed by Christophe Szpajdel, who claimed that he got the most recognition in his career for this logo, as well as being one of his own personal favorites (source). Not easy to say, when you know that Szpajdel made literally thousands of logos, among them a who is who of Metal giants, like Asphyx, Nargaroth or Enthroned.

A part of this logo even became a logo-like element for the band itself: the “E” in the centre of the name. This “E” is probably the Nike Swoosh of Black Metal. Well done, Christophe!

Emperor’s official website