Annotations of an Autopsy is a British Deathcore/Death Metal band formed in 2006. The logo pictured above aswell as the cover artwork were released with their debut album Before the Throne of Infection in 2008. For the following releases (The Reign of Darkness in 2010 and the Dark Days EP in 2011) they always used a different logo design. As they aren’t symmetric I’m only featuring this brilliant logo of the Before the Throne of Infection era. It’s highly dynamic and seems to explode out of the centre. It has scratchy, organic aswell as insectoid elements combined to a harmonic basic shape. What I like most about their logo is the remarkable similarity to magnetic fields. The outer branches of the logo design are arranged in a similar way as metal splints around a magnetic field. I wonder what the positive and negative poles for Annotations of an Autopsy represent?

The cover artwork for Before the Throne of Infection was done by Toshihiro Egawa. A post about his work is coming soon on Symmetal. The artwork isn’t just symmetric, it’s completely mirrored. The motif itself isn’t that surprising for a Death Metal act. Strange rock formations, a dark mood and a path through gloomy fluids. But it’s still quite nice with its strict green color coding.

Annotations of an Autopsy - Before The Throne Of Infection