The Algorithm is a music project of the French musician Rémi Gallego, combining elements of Progressive Metal with electronic music, of which the UK Metal Hammer said it was “one of the most insanely exciting bands around”. Gallego chose the band name to highlight the music’s complexity and its electronic nature in general (source). The logo design, that perfectly reflects the modern take on the musical genres The Algorithm is based on, was made by Jens Schellhase, a German designer from Cologne. The symmetry and sharp lettering reminds of the Metal genre while the slightly shifted complementary colors of the logo – creating a pseudo-3D-effect – represent the modern electronic influences.

The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code

The cover artwork for The Algorithm’s debut album Polymorphic Code, released in 2012 via Basick Records, is another example of blending Metal and electronic elements. The art was done by Suspended Animations, a Graphic Design, Web Design & Development studio from Nantes, France.

It’s not a symmetric artwork per se, but incorporates a variety of symmetric forms and elements due to its geometric structure. It’s the mixture of simple forms and translucent color in a dark environment that make it unique. But what I mostly like is that the artwork is simple and complex at the same time – just like the music of The Algorithm. A perfect visualization of a band’s music and style.

Last but not least here’s a really nice video where the visual concept developed by Suspended Animations is being brought to live.